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Helping Active Adults and Athletes Get Back to the Activities that Matter Most

Without Relying on Pain Medication or Surgery

Hybrid PT is a Leading Physical Therapy Provider in River Edge, NJ that Helps

Active Adults and Athletes Get Back to the Activities That Matter Most

Without Relying on Pain Medication or Surgery

We are committed to helping active adults and athletes have less pain, move better and regain confidence to get back to the activities that matter most. For some, it is the ability to finish a tennis match or play a round of golf without feeling like they're out of commission. For others, it is being able to walk their dog or play with their children without hesitation or fear. Whatever your goal may be, know that we are dedicated in helping you achieve them. 

Many of our patients come to us after being disappointed by past experiences. They had been told by their doctors to simply take pain medications and see how things go, or had been to physical therapy before where they spent at most 15 minutes with their physical therapist. Others had been instructed to stop running, playing basketball or participating in CrossFit, despite how important and fulfilling these activities were. 

We understand that the human body is extremely resilient and has the incredible ability to heal from most injuries. Our priority is to direct you in that process so you can take control over your health and return to those activities that you love most!

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Daniel S.

James is a phenomenal PT. One of his greatest attributes is that he listens to his patients and puts together a plan that fulfill his patients’ needs. Whether you are an average person simply trying to improve quality of life, or a competitor trying to recover from injury, James will know the correct path.

I had knee pain for several months and he was able to PROPERLY diagnose the issue. The issue wasn’t that my knee was bothering me, but that other parts of my movement system weren’t moving correctly. You always want to find a physical therapist that doesn’t “chase the symptom”, but instead finds the ROOT cause of the problem.

James has followed up with me several times since my time with him. He truly cares about each and every one of his patients. I highly recommend his services.

Shelley D.

James far exceeded my expectation for physical therapy. He is very knowledgeable, patient and kind while working your body for optimum movement. Not only does he have you do exercises but explains why you are doing the movement and what you hope to accomplish. It helped to be able to think the movements and the reason why while doing them. My weekly progress gave me the confidence to try harder and reach goals I had been unable to do for some time. I finished my treatment with new ways to work out and assurance if I needed he is only a phone call away. 

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