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HECTOR O., 30s

"James is a very knowledgeable therapist and does a great job explaining what needs to be done and why it needs to be done. I had a high ankle sprain in the summer of 2017 that was very painful. It took me awhile to get to physical therapy, however, eventually I had to make time as my ankle was extremely stiff and in pain. After a few sessions I started to gain flexibility back in my ankle and by the end of my treatment I gained flexibility, strength, and stability back in my ankle. I highly recommend him and will go back to him if I need therapy again."

ANGELA M., 40s

"After being involved in a serious car accident, with severe neck, shoulder and back injuries I came to James for physical therapy. After 2 surgeries and almost 2 years of pt, I can honestly say I don't think I would be as functional as I am today without his expertise.  His genuine concern for his clients and broad knowledge of the human body are 'bar none'.  He takes the time to explain things and pays attention to how you are responding. James has a fantastic 'bedside manner' and is is great with patients of all ages.  I would highly recommend him - and have!"

CAROL F., 60s

"It has been one year since I had a total hip replacement on my left side. Two and a half years earlier, I had the same on my right side. Following both surgeries, I had physical therapy with James Park. I cannot imagine having a better physical therapy experience. Being a physically active person prior to surgery, James tailored my treatment and exercises to get me back to my active lifestyle quickly. The positive atmosphere also made my PT experience enjoyable (even thought it was hard work).  I am happy to say that after a few months, I was cycling, spinning, kayaking, and hiking. And now that it’s winter, I’ve been able to enjoy skiing and snowshoeing again. I am grateful for the good care I received working with James."

SEAN C., 40s

"I have been a client/patient for about a year or so with various injuries having torn my labrum last May to having Achilles tendinitis this year. I own and manage multiple hotels and my business is mostly customer service and providing a great value to customers. As I went through my career I learned much about business, the hotel business etc, but mostly about 'the letter you didn't have to write,' and this is one of those notes to you. Last May, I had my labrum repaired (after having torn from playing competitive tennis) and I visited from a recommendation from a friend. Your staff was welcoming with open arms (fitting me in from my nervousness of wanting to get back to the court asap) and providing care in a manner that was both professional and direct. JP impressed me with his caring demeanor and proper immediate course of action and continued this care every appointment (and continues to do the same today). Pushing forward to October of last year, I was able to get back to the court and help my team win the 4.5 USTA National Championship (I had 3 aces in the final tie break set which I would not have thought possible back in May). Now I have come back to assist with my Achilles tendinitis which I am confident they will! Thank you to JP for providing the care he has and continues to provide."


"James is a caring and knowledgeable physical therapist.  He will examine and assess each patient and develop an individual fitness plan to help restore your function and mobility.  He personally assists with your specific exercises. James got me back to an active lifestyle after a total right hip replacement."

LYNDA K., 50s

"James is a thorough, encouraging and highly skilled physical therapist. His vast knowledge of the intricacies of the human anatomy as it relates to an injury are apparent as he patiently explains the various therapy methods. James' confidence in his skills instilled confidence in me for my recovery. I appreciate his discussion of my shoulder injury and what regimen I should follow at home. James and his staff create a friendly and welcoming environment. He made me feel comfortable, relaxed and capable. James is very responsive to any questions. I would highly recommend James to friends and family. I wouldn't have full use of my right shoulder without him! Thanks James!"


"I was suffering from severe pain due to a rotator cuff injury - right shoulder. After 8 weeks of physical therapy with James Park, I have my flexibility back and most importantly, I'm able to sleep at night. I found the 8 week experience with James to be a positive, empowering experience. I'm so grateful to be back to my normal, active life."

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