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  • Do I need a prescription to begin physical therapy?
    In the State of New Jersey, direct access allows you to be seen directly by a licensed physical therapist without a referral for a maximum of 30 days from the date of initial treatment.
  • What can I expect during my first visit?
    Your care will begin with an in-depth initial evaluation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to address your concerns and goals. A thorough biomechanical, postural, movement and strength assessment will be performed to identify the root causes behind your symptoms. Treatment will include manual therapy and an individualized program of corrective exercises. An email will follow each visit with your home exercise program. Please dress comfortably, such as shorts and t-shirt, and be prepared to be barefoot. Please download and fill out the patient intake forms located HERE. Completed forms should be emailed or physically brought with you to your first session.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Hybrid PT is a fee-for-service practice, which means we are not in-network with any insurance company except Medicare. We accept all patients who are Medicare beneficiaries. The tremendous benefit of our model is that we are able to provide direct one-on-one care with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. This allows for individualized treatment and proper adjustments to your regimen to optimize your progress towards your goals. Unlike insurance-based clinics, there are no aides/trainers to oversee your exercises nor multiple patients being treated simultaneously during your session. If you have “Out-of-Network" Physical Therapy benefits, we will verify that information for you and submit all claims on your behalf. A super-bill invoice can also be provided upon request in order to submit as a self-claim to your health insurance.
  • Why are you not in-network with insurance?
    Physical therapists at in-network and an increasing number of out-of-network insurance-based clinics typically have to see at least 2-3 patients (often more) per hour, and use an aide/trainer to provide much of the actual patient care. This treatment model does not allow for the high level of care that we aim to provide for our patients. At Hybrid PT, all of our patients receive direct care and hands-on treatment from a Doctor of Physical Therapy at every session. More importantly, this allows you and your healthcare provider to make the best decisions for your health, not a third party insurance company who doesn't know your story and makes that decision with their own best interests in mind.
  • What are your rates?
    All treatment sessions are one-on-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy and are scheduled for 1 hour. The rates for treatment sessions and other services vary, so please call us at (201) 429-3996 or email at to inquire about pricing.
  • Accepted forms of payment?
    Credit cards, HSA cards or cash.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    As a courtesy to other patients trying to get scheduled, we require a 24-hour (or greater) notice for cancellations. Only emergencies or illnesses are excusable. A $75 fee will be billed upon violation of this policy. If you arrive late, you will only receive the remaining time in your session.


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