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  • James Park, PT, DPT

Helpful Tips for the Pending Snowstorm!

It seems that winter is far from over with snowfall for this year, so here are some helpful tips in preparation for the snowstorm that is coming tonight! For those of you to whom I expressed my predictions that the winter was not going to have any additional snowfall, I apologize for jinxing it!

Helpful Tips:

❄ Invest in a snowthrower or snowblower to reduce the manual effort required to clear the snow. I was fortunate to have recently acquired a single stage electric snowthrower (in particular, Snow Joe 18-Inch Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower), and it made a world of a difference!

❄ If you plan on using a snow shovel, make sure to purchase a sturdy one with a curved metal handle and a deep back blade; this allows you to easily move a large amount of snow with less effort. (True Temper 18in Ergonomic Mountain Mover Snow Shovel, as pictured)

❄ Go out in multiple trips to shovel the snow every 4-6" that falls during a large storm.

❄ Push the snow using your shovel like a plow to conserve your energy.

❄ Take frequent breaks and hydrate! Your heartrate will spike up faster than you think and you will sweat but not notice due to the cold!

❄ Don't overdress since your body temperature will rise from the physical exertion of moving snow. Dress as if you're going snowboarding or participating in another winter sport: a sweat-wicking warm polyester baselayer, insulation layer and waterproof shell (most winter jackets have both of these features).

❄ Spraying WD-40 or silicone lubricant to the blade surface keeps snow from sticking to the snow shovel.

❄ Use your dominant hand on the back handle, keep the shovel close to you and squat to pick up the snow.

❄ If the snow is too much to physically move, then hire someone to clear it for you!

Hope these are helpful and stay safe!

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