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  • James Park, PT, DPT

Conventional Barbell Deadlift

The conventional barbell deadlift is an important exercise with a multitude of benefits that range from improved strength, especially for the posterior chain and your grip, overall trunk stability and positive carryover to everyday lifting tasks. Keeping your core braced and relatively neutral is important to minimize shearing stress.

⚠️While this exercise is great, it is important to perform correctly and scaled appropriately for the weight.


-Feet should be about hip width apart.

💪Engage the lats before lifting barbell or weight to keep bar (weight) path vertical.

-Proper hip hinging is essential for this exercise.

-If unable to maintain neutral spine during set up, raise the height of barbell or weight from the floor.

📱Using your iPhone camera or app (#ironpathapp) is extremely helpful to analyze your movement and make any adjustments.

❌Video on left shows lower hip height set up which makes me initiate my movement from my knees and increases the forward drift in my bar path ➡️ less efficient movement.

✅Video on right shows better set up with lower weight ➡️improved performance.

👍Thanks for reading!

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