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  • James Park, PT, DPT

Having Difficulty with the Deadlift?

Understanding the hip hinge concept is an essential part of the deadlift movement. Deadlifts are often incorporated into our rehab, but some patients struggle with feeling and controlling the movement. Using a resistance or pull-up assist band can help with cuing to engage the lats. This also helps to teach how to drive the movement through the legs by trying to push the ground away.


✅Lay a pull-up assist band flat under the feet and grab the looped ends with both hands.

✅Keep tension on the band to engage the lats by driving the scapula down and back.

✅Emphasize a slower eccentric return to the starting position to improve control and endurance.

👊Give it a try and don’t pull yourself off the ground. 👍Hope this is helpful!

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