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  • James Park, PT, DPT

Hip Hinge Drills

The hip hinge is a fundamental movement for squats, deadlifts and kettlebell swings. Keeping your lumbar spine in a relatively neutral position will help disperse the load.

💥Proper hip hinging allows for improved use and efficiency of your posterior chain (group of muscles on back side of the body i.e. hamstrings, glute max, erector spinae) during lifting tasks, which helps drive the movement.

💥Posterior weight-shift during the hip hinge helps create better leverage to lift things.


1) PVC Pipe Drill: Hold PVC pipe on your back side with 3 points of contact ➡️ head/T-spine between scapula/sacrum.

✅You can use the PVC to find your relative “neutral spine” position by arching fully away and flexing your spine towards the PVC. Go back and forth in smaller increments until you find a midpoint and hold.

2) Foam Roller or Wall Drill: Reach your butt straight back to tap a foam roller or wall.

3) Band Drill: Wrap a pull-up band around a sturdy anchor, step inside the band and keep the loop slightly below the middle of the butt. Hip hinge against the band.

👍Try any of these to improve your hip hinge!

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