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  • James Park, PT, DPT

"How can I still get physical therapy during these times?"

Updated: May 8, 2020

"COVID-19" and "Coronavirus" have been two of the most searched terms on Google, and the most talked about on the news and among your family and friends. It has caused such a dramatic change in our current lifestyle with no immediate end in sight. People are now stuck at home with limited activity, which means more time on the couch and being sedentary. While these restrictions are crucial to slowing down the spread of the coronavirus, we all know this only makes any body aches and pain much worse.

So, during these uncertain times, you might be thinking "I think I'll just have to deal with this pain until the current situation calm down." or "How in the world can I still get physical therapy?"

First, you absolutely DO NOT need to wait until the quarantines and travel restrictions are lifted in order to address your pain. Regardless if it is your neck, back, knees, or your shoulders that are bothering you, there are so many strategies that you can use in order to start feeling better.

Second, virtual consultations or telehealth has been used in practice for some time and offers incredible success with decreasing pain, improving how people move, and empowering them to take control of their symptoms and situation. Given the circumstances, we all feel like we don't have a lot control right now. That does not mean has to be in every facet of your life.

So what is a "virtual consultation" or "telehealth"? It is exclusive one-on-one time with your physical therapist, but instead of being face-to-face in person, you are face-to-face via your smartphone or laptop camera. Just like in a typical session, we are still able to evaluate and assess you, guide you through your exercises and movements, and help you move towards your goals. The huge benefit is that you get the same input and care that you would receive in the clinic, but done with the convenience at your home.

Being stuck at home and less active is NOT going to make you or your body feel better. In fact, this is probably the worst thing you can do if you have any muscle or joint pain. You need guided, specific movement so that you can take the power over your body back. Your access to toilet paper and handsoap may be limited right now, but access to your physical therapist has never been easier.

Click HERE to learn more about our Virtual Consultations, and click HERE if you want to set up a FREE 30-minute phone consultation with a physical therapist today!

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