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  • James Park, PT, DPT

Tennis Warmup Drills Upper + Lower Body

Updated: May 8, 2020

Warm up drills for tennis🎾 should also involve combined upper💪/lower body🦵 movements with a band for resistance. Aim for a minimum of 10-15 repetitions per side. 1️⃣Band Reverse Lunge: place middle of band under right foot and hold both ends of band in a front rack position. Maintain arm and trunk position as you perform reverse lunge.

2️⃣Band Squat with OH Press: step inside of band with both feet and hold rest of band with both hands in front rack position. Squat down while maintaining arm and trunk position. As you stand up, press band overhead before returning to starting position.

3️⃣Band Forehand/Backhand Backswing Drill: 💥For the righty🖐 Forehand, loop one end of band around left foot and grab other end with right hand. Quickly step to right side as you bring your right hand back for the Forehand. Return to starting position then repeat. 💥For the righty two-handed Backhand, loop one end of band around right foot and grab other end with both hands as if gripping racquet. Quickly step out to left as you bring both hands back for Backhand. Return to starting position and repeat.

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