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  • James Park, PT, DPT

Warmup Exercises for Tennis

Updated: May 8, 2020

Upper body focus using a thin pull-up assist band (or resistance band) is a simple way to warm up on the court using a portable piece of equipment that can fit in your 🎾bag.

1) 3-way Band Pull-Aparts: Hold the band at shoulder height with hands at shoulder width apart. Pull the band apart horizontally, then diagonally in opposite directions (↖️↘️/↗️↙️) with the band hitting your chest each time.

2) Bilateral Shoulder ERs: Hold the band while flexing elbows past 90 deg, and keep shoulder blades pinched back for entire exercise. Pull the band apart by rotating hands away from each other until band hits your chest.

3) Low-to-High Band Press: Get in a split stance and anchor one looped end of band under your right foot. Grab other end of band with webspace between thumb and index finger of right hand. Start with your elbow close to your body and press diagonally overhead from shoulder height. Repeat for the left side.

👍Give these a try the next time you’re on a court.

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